Saturday, October 10, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Sheriff Candidate Pulls Out of Race

Foghorn Leghorn, campaign manager for Yosemite Sam, reports that his friend has decided not to run for Marion County Sheriff in 2010. "I say...I say...I say...John Layton and Mark Brown are great candidates," said Leghorn. "We can't compete, son."

Reached at his home for comment, Sam picked up the phone said, "WHY YOU!!!!" Then shot the phone six times. You heard about Sam's potential candidacy in two earlier posts on this blog. With a win, he would have been the first ever toon elected to Marion County Office...unless you count Steve Goldsmith.

(Editor's Note: When you can't beat Terry Burns and the Indianapolis Times Blog for scoops, you have to make crap up. Whoops...did I type that?)

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