Monday, August 10, 2009

Star Suffers from Selective Memory in CIB Editorial

The Indianapolis Star seemed to place the blame for the CIB mess at the doorstep of Mayor Bart Peterson this morning, but this is clearly selective truth telling.

Yes, Peterson was Mayor of Indianapolis when the deal to build Lucas Oil Stadium and the new convention center expansion was struck, but it was ultimately not his plan that was adopted to build it and fund it. The plan that was struck gave control of building the convention center and stadium to the State of Indiana. The state owns the stadium and the convention center. The management entity for both the convention center and the stadium is the Capital Improvement Board.

It's also important to remember that it was Governor Daniels' plan that ended up blowing up in the face of Mayor Ballard and that it was Mayor Ballard that did little or nothing other than be inconsistent in his plan to fund the management of these two buildings and Conseco Fieldhouse. This is the same man who said back in 2007 in this campaign ad with now Councillor Kent Smith that he could govern without asking for "more of your money."

Now, you can't tell me, as the Star attempts to, that only folks coming in from out of state or out of the city are paying the new hotel tax up for consideration at tonight's City-County Council meeting. "Staycations" have become very popular, and Indianapolis' hotel tax will be among the highest in the nation when this is all over if the bill passes. That will cause issues when negotiating for big time conventions and trade shows, too. The Star seems to think that the world will explode if this tax is not raised.

It's Mitch's popcicle stand, and his popcicles are melting. Like so many other things though, Mitch insists that local governments and schools bear the brunt so that his billion dollar surplus stays untouched. If Mayor Ballard had some guts, he'd stand up to his Governor and tell the truth instead of being forced to break campaign promise after campaign promise.

If I'm wrong on this, somebody correct me!


jabberdoodle said...

Your recollections are fine.

It should be added, though, that Peterson did give too much of the store to Irsay in that new contract and that is a problem that needs a fix.

It should also be noted, that the deficit spending by the CIB began in the early 90's after Goldsmith's sweetheart contract with the Pacers regarding Conseco Fieldhouse.

And, blame needs to be placed at the CIB's doorstep in its fiscal irresponsibility -- voting to approve both contracts and having such a lousy debt payment policy that we now owe $70M for the Hoosier Dome that cost $55M to build and which no longer exists.

guy77money said...

It was Peterson and Glass that gave the Colts all the revenue from the new dome. That is the main reason they are in the hole. Peterson's only way to fund the stadium was thru a casino downtown that he knew the legislator would not go along with. So if Peterson would have won the election we would still be raising taxes to pay for the Colt's new home. Both the Pacers and the Colt's are the problem not the convention center.