Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jumping the Shark Mad Money Style

In case you didn't see the moment, it happened on Thursday. Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money, watched his own show and persona "jump the shark" on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Here's the link to the moment:

In case you don't know what it means, "jumping the shark" is a pop culture term that signifies the moment a show began its downfall into oblivion. The term came from an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie literally jumped a shark. Other examples of shark jumping, Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch, Larry David's departure as a writer on Seinfeld, etc.

So, Mad Money's moment came when Cramer agreed to be a guest the Daily Show. I don't know what Cramer was thinking, but there were no "boo-yahs" from Stewart. Stewart looked more like a profane David Gregory carefully incising Cramer's over-the-top TV persona with careful research and video clips. Cramer clearly had not done any You Tubing of Stewart's similar shark-jumping moment-inducing appearance on CNN's now canceled Crossfire show where he repelled the very intelligent Tucker Carlson. Carlson tried to point out that he had hurled softballs at then Democratic-Presidential nominee John Kerry. Stewart calmly pointed out that he was on a comedy program which featured the lead-in of puppets making prank calls.

Stewart took particular issue with Cramer's resumé. How could a guy as well-connected as Cramer totally miss the boat along with a major financial network on the entire collapse of the economy? When Cramer tried to twist out of it by playing what Stewart termed "doe-eyed innocence," Stewart went to the video and whipped out a 2006 appearance on some program where Cramer and the host of the show talked many of the same underhanded things that led to our economic state.

By the end of the interview, Cramer could do nothing but agree with Stewart that CNBC and himself should have seen the mistakes that were made.

If anyone watched that interview Thursday night, I think they would "SELL SELL SELL" Jim Cramer and CNBC.


guy77money said...

Give me a break, Cramer is on a tv show about money, are people that incredibly stupid to believe everything he says? Hmmm wait a second... there were a ton of stupid bankers and loan officers that made bad loans and then there were the brokerage boys and girls that sold these bad loans all over the world to stupid foreigners. Gosh even the stupid people in Indianapolis bought a whole lot of variable bonds to finance a stadium and a utility. I will take back the question there are alot of stupid people in the world. The only problem is all these stupid people made a ton of money and the taxpayers got stuck footing the bill. At least Cramer does tell you to do your home work! At least Cramer admmits to his mistakes. I haven't seen Peterson or the former head of the bond bank in Indy do that.

Jon E. Easter said...

Watch the interview. Jon Stewart addresses all of this. His point was that a man that is portrayed as an "expert" in all of this on a network full of "experts" should have been doing more to wave a flag at all of us that don't have their resumés.