Thursday, October 30, 2008

Advance Indiana Refuses to Publish My Comments Again

Over at everyone's favorite freak show...known as Advance Indiana or Regress Indiana from what he's advocating...Gary Welch, the blog's owner and author has published a claim so outlandish that it might just qualify for Oddball on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

He's published an entire blog about how Barack Obama's best selling memoir Dreams of My Father was actually ghostwritten. That's a pretty big unsubstantiated claim. He goes on to claim that the ghostwriter was one...BILL AYERS!

In a comment to his, frankly, wack job post, I quoted tennis great John McEnroe. McEnroe was famous for his on-court demeanor. Every once in a while when a ball would land out that he thought was in, he would turn to the umpire and say, "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS."

I thought it truly fit the moment. I then went on and expressed my opinion about his crusade against Obama. Unfortunatley, he didn't agree with my opinion. He didn't post my comment.

His's his popcicle stand. Still...when I leave comments and he doesn't publish them...they're going on here.

BREAKING NEWS-Will your early vote count?

No need to panic yet, but Marion County Democratic Party Chair Ed Treacy reported tonight at a Democratic Ward Chair Meeting that a Republican lawyer/Mitch Daniels appointee to the Indiana Gaming Commission has filed a lawsuit against the Marion County Election Board to have what Treacy estimated to be 70,000 ballots cast in early voting be classified as provisional ballots.

A hearing is scheduled for this morning at 10:00 a.m. (Thursday) in Marion County Circuit Court. Ted Sosin is the sitting judge. Sosin, a Republican, is on the ballot for Marion County Superior Court. Of course, the judges were elected at the primary.

Treacy didn't have much more information, but former Executive Director of the Marion County Democratic Party and current Campaign Manager for Linda Pence, Joel Miller, said that the Help America Vote Act has protections for early balloting.

I asked Treacy if anyone who voted early should be ready to "beat their ballot to the polls" on Election Day, and he indicated we should all cool our jets until the courts take a look at it. Apparently, not only are Democratic attorneys working on the situation, but Barack Obama's attorneys are looking into the case as well.

Details still to come. Stay tuned to your local media for more!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Decatur Township Politics

I live on the southwestside of town. It's a place where the Democratic Party has long been the also-ran. There are tales of a great Democratic past...except no one can really remember when that was. The last Democrat to hold an office here was Danny White on the Township Advisory Board in 2000. Since then, we've come close...but we have been thwarted in our attempts to win office.

Today, we stand on the precipice of an important moment. If Decatur Township can go blue...even just one or two seats on the Decatur Township Advisory Board, it will show a monumental step forward for our fledgling party here in Decatur.

The process hasn't been easy. There were great Democrats involved in the process long before I got here. Many of those folks are still involved today!

In 2004, we missed taking a Township Advisory Board seat by 78 votes. In 2006, Steve Terrell got 47 percent of the vote for Small Claims Court Judge, and Joyce Fitzpatrick got 43 percent of the vote for Decatur Township Assessor.

2008 is a chance to make a huge move forward here. Led by a strong ticket with a strong candidate at the top of it, Decatur Township is hoping that Obama's coattails can carry Democrats into three seats on the Township Advisory Board.

It's so important to have this happen because several family clans have had their hands on the seats of power in the party of power here in Decatur for seemingly eons. It's time for Decatur Township voters to take a stand and make a change in Decatur Township.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am running in Decatur Township Advisory Board in District 3. My main campaign issue has been openness and accountability. The current Advisory Board down in Decatur is full of nice people with good intentions, but the job is too important. Taxpayers and constituents deserve much more here in Decatur.

Basically, I see three major problems with the current board:
1.) Information is not readily available. Do me a favor, go to See if you can tell who is on the Advisory Board. See if you can tell when and where the Township Advisory Board meetings occur. If you get really frisky, call the Trustee's Office and request an opportunity to see something that is available to the public such as board minutes.

2.) An unwillingness to consider anything having to do with consolidation of services. There are currently things the Decatur Fire Department does in conjunction with IFD. Is there anything else that we can do? Can we save the taxpayers money? We aren't talking slashing anyone's budget or losing anyone's fire service. It just makes sense to keep a somewhat open mind about things.

3.) Failure to connect with constituents. Time and time again at a public forum held by the Decatur Township Civic Council. Incumbent Township Advisory Board members kept saying that they weren't aware that constituent services were suffering under their own leadership. That's just being out of touch with the taxpayer. The minutes obtained show that virtually no one attends the meetings. Beyond that, almost every board meeting since 2005 has had one or more Township Advisory Board members missing and not in attendance. They get paid an exhorbitant amount of money to do the job yet a few members clearly can't fit it into their priorities after being elected.

All of these problems...then they go to forums and talk in public about keeping township government because it's the government closest to the people. I say...why keep township government if it isn't accountable to the constituents.

My solutions:
1.) Utilize the website and be hospitable. Post the meeting dates on there with the caveat to always check the Trustee's Office door for updates. Not all meetings are necessary, after all. The voter shouldn't have to, as board member Joe Griffith said, "Work for it," to find information. The board should be WILLING to provide information so that the constituents don't have to work for it! Beyond electronic means, send news releases to the local papers about board activities. Send news advisories about upcoming meeting dates and times and have the meetings in places where people can attend easily. The upstairs meeting room at the Decatur Township Government Center is not accessible, so the meetings occur downstairs in the Trustee's Office. Besides the seats around his conference table, there is a three-seat couch.

2.) Open the can on consolidation and see if we can utilize it. If not, close the can and kick it away. There are case studies locally on this. Washington and Warren have consolidated fire service with IFD. Can we make a difference?

3.) Be good neighbors. You shouldn't have to join the Civic Council the night of a Candidates' Forum! In the interest of full disclosure, some Democratic candidates did that. Township government can be utilized well if it is closest to the people. If it's not, people won't care and the board will live in a vacuum. Sometimes the BOARD has to "work at it" to get the info it needs.

We'll see what happens! We're fired up and ready to go with A FULL SLATE OF TOWNSHIP BOARD CANDIDATES IN DECATUR TOWNSHIP.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Watch the "QUOTATION FINGERS" Senator McCain

As if Joe the Plumber wasn't annoying enough, Senator McCain is now out there and out of touch as ever by using "quotation fingers" a la Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame. He is using these "quotation fingers" in a way to punctuate Obama's tax cut plan as a "spread the wealth" branch of socialism.

First of all, John McCain wants to "spread the wealth" too, just among different wealthy people. The Obama camp is saying that McCain wants to give the average Fortune 500 CEO a $700,000 tax cut. That wealth then...assuming the "trickle down economics plan" would then be put back into the system as investments that would eventually benefit us all.

"Trickle Down Economics" is "Spreading the Wealth" Senator McCain. Perhaps you would like sharks with freakin' laser beams or perhaps a rotating chair. Perhaps someone should throw you a frickin' bone here. You're the boss...need the info. Maybe you can turn the moon into a "Death Star" and destroy those parts of America that aren't "Real America" as you and your running mate Governor Palin keep talking about.

We could "go on from here" with that. I'm just waiting for one of the TV news shows to bring up a split screen of Dr. Evil and John McCain using the "quotation fingers." Just shows you how "out of touch" Senator McCain is with "reality."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Special Guest: Sarah Palin

Again, fresh off her latest gaffe, Sarah Palin e-mailed me and said she wanted to leave some more thoughts. Here goes:

Greetings all Indianaians,
I'm so pleased that Jeff gave me this blog space to talk about somethin' that's been said on the dusty campaign trial.

You see, I've been goin' around to the best places in America, the places where real Americans live and have bonfires and sing songs. I've been travelin' this great country meeting real people and hearin' there stories.

Well, the other day, a member of the liberal media asked me another gotcha question. It was a third grader, and they asked me what the Vice President does. Well, you might remember that when asked that question in June, I couldn't really answer it. So, I'll be honest, I cheated and I called the current Vice Presidential man Duck Cherney.

Cherney told me that the Vice President IS ACTUALLY THE PRESIDENT but he just can't make it appear that way. He told me that you just can't be sayin' that on the campaign trail. So, he said to tell people that the Vice President's job is complicated.

You see, I don't know what complicated means, so when that liberal third grader who hates America asked me that horrid question through that other liberal media member, I began thinkin' back deep in my brain and doggone it...I couldn't think of anything.

I remember from my beauty queen high school days that the Vice President has something to do with the Senate, and so I said that the Vice President runs the Senate. Turns out, I may have been mistakin'.

It appears that the American government sees America in a different way than we conservatives from Alaska named Palin do. You see, in my world, it's about stopping Putin who rears his ugly head in Alaskan airspace, job creation, and energy independence. It's about sendin' the Palin-McCain ticket to Mars and to Jupiter and even to bringing Pluto back to our solar system after it was stolen by that horrible man Osama bin Laden. You see, I was sellin' what we want to do short. John McCain is a superhero, and he has given me great superpowers to help him in his quest to bring the solar system back together.

So, when I said the Vice President runs the Senate, I was talking about making them work out more. Some of those people need to run more. My husband Todd and I are going to bring out the snowmobile and keep those Senators like Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi in good shape.

Well, again, I'd like to thank Jerry for allowin' me to use his b-log space. I just can't wait to serve America and help the Senate get back into shape in Washington. Well, I have to catch a helicopter and go wolf hunting. Peace up...A town down

Your friend,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Win or Lose...Someone Owes Me a Yard Sign!

My neighbors...God love 'em...those pranksters. For at least the seventh time, I had my Barack Obama yard sign vandalized in my yard. I could understand the Obama sign being vandalized more if it were the only sign in my yard. It's not!

I have signs for Debbie Jenkins (Surveyor), Richard Wood (State School Superintendent), Some Easter guy (Township Board), André Carson (7th District Rep.), Mike Rodman (Treasurer), and Jill Long Thompson (Governor). A few weeks ago, all were damaged...but most of the's the Obama sign that's the target.

One time, I actually had my sign stolen. I don't know where that one ended up, so I replaced it. That sign stood unmolested, but I decided to try it again with a new Obama/Biden sign. Wouldn't you know...a week after being placed in my yard...the sign was bent all to heck. None of the other signs were touched in the attack.

A friend of mine had a similar experience in her yard. So, I guess it's official. People are scared of Barack Obama yard signs and all the plastic they represent.

I refuse to be intimidated by these juvenile adults. What they don't know is that everytime my Obama yard sign gets knocked down, I will replace it. It's like a rubber tree. I just hope I catch them in the act someday soon!

Monday, October 13, 2008

This one's for Phil

My friend, and, yes, I do have Republican friends, Phil Hinkle always talks to me about updating this blog more. Well, I tried to do this and keep it up the best I can. But, Phil, since you asked, here you go.

I know that you are busy in your re-election campaign for your seat in House District 92 against probably (apologies to others before) the best challenger you've ever faced. Stephanie DeKemper is doing her best to unseat you, and it's tough for me because I like you both. I met Stephanie a few months ago, and I believe she's bright and is working very very hard to beat you. Will it be enough? I don't know. I see your yard signs everywhere, so I know you have a great number of supporters.

Your family and mine go way back. I went to kindergarten with your daughter, and your kids and I grew up with the same babysitter. Your wife did her best to teach me PE. If you've seen me lately, I apologize to Mrs. Hinkle that I did not learn more. She's a great fact one of the best I've had.

Phil, you are a good man. I know you know how politics works, so you know where my allegiance likely lies in that race (I don't live in your district, though). Still, win or lose, I hope that when this race is all over that we can continue our long friendship. I wish you luck on Nov. 4th and beyond.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain is just rude and weird

Okay, so I'm still watching tonight's debate, and I have no idea what the pundits will talk about. I think Senator Obama is doing fine, and I think Senator McCain has scored some points. Still, I think his manner and actions are just odd.

When Senator Obama is talking, McCain is wandering around the stage. He's making faces at the crowd, standing up behind his chair, erratically moving around.

This brings me to the conclusion that...based on demeanor...Barack Obama is the more even keel guy of these two. While taking McCain's shots, Obama has so far with a couple of exceptions sat and watched politely. McCain is acting like a cat on meth!

Weird...just strange.

Here are my picks!

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin=Cheney (without the experience and with personality)

Tonight's VEEP debate was just flat out scary. We saw Governor Sarah Palin folksy her way through the debate throwing zingers at Joe Biden and regurgitating talking point after talking point. She answered few questions directly, but the one she did answer showed a window into her own mind.

Moderator Gwen Ifill asked the candidates about Dick Cheney's screwball view that the Vice Presidency exists in two realms of government...the legislative and the executive...because of the Constitutional responsibility to be President of the Senate. Again, this is Vice President Cheney's view, and we all know what a spectacular VEEP that Mr. Cheney has been.

But, Sarah Palin told Ifill that she would like to see the Vice President's role expanded! She wants MORE POWER! The Mayor of a town that whose population would fit in Lucas Oil Stadium SEVEN TIMES and the Governor of a state whose population is smaller than the City of Indianapolis now wants MORE POWER to the Vice Presidency where she may ultimately serve.

This just will not stand. Joe Biden missed a huge opportunity to swing a haymaker at Palin here, and it would have had nothing to do with Governor Palin. After the current occupant of the office has consistently overstepped his bounds, Governor Palin should want to RUN from anything he wanted to do. Instead, she chose to directly answer this question with a direct yes.

Up until that point, Palin had done a pretty good job. Biden had been okay, and that's all he had to be. I thought Biden drove home a pretty good point that Bush and McCain are pretty much the same. Still, he could have said that Palin's answer to Ifill's question was disturbing.

Biden played pretty good defense all night, and I thought he scored a few points. Most of all, he did no harm. I'm not sure the same could be said of Governor Palin.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If Sarah Palin wrote for this blog...

My fellow Democracieans or whatever your guys call know what the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom is....lipstick.

That joke never gets old. I am drowning in appreciability that Jon has stooped aside and has allowed little old me...Joe Six write on his blog. Until yesterday, I'd never heard of a blog. In fact, I thought it was something you made out of moose dung.

Well, tomorrow I get the chance to debate old Joe Bayh. I think he was a great governor of Indiana, and I think his debatability will be of the most difficultness to be defeatable. People tried to trick me and say he was formerly the Mayor of Delaware, but I set them straight.

All I can say, it's been an educationable experience out here on the campaign trail. I've met lotsa people and talked to lotsa Americans. What can I say? Everything's been as great as when I told Congress "No Thanks" on the Bridge to Nowhere and sold the state's plane on E-Bay.

I've been a little disgustable at times...especially when Charlie from the Chocolate Factory interviewed me. Also, Katie Kurric wasn't very nice when she asked me what I read on a regular basis. Of course, I read stuff. Goodness! There's the Moose Digest and the Wasilla Wailer. I also read that Juneau newspaper to find out what Ju-neau...hahaha. I love that joke. People told me that I need to read Time and the National Review, but I don't waste time with that. Soldier of Fortune was really good this month.

Well, I'm off to take down some wolves from my helicopter to relax b4 my big moment tomorrow against Senator Byed-in...or Bayh...whatever you call it. In fact, I need to look that name up, and I'll get right back to ya.

It's been a pleasure talkin' with ya. I've got some crammin' to do. Goodnight!