Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tom John...Mess with the hornets...get the stingers

When my father was young, he once beat on an old couch on the back porch that he knew had a hornets' nest in it. When the hornets came out, he would run into the house just to watch them all bang against the screen door. Then, he'd repeat the process until he got bored. One day, he beat on the old couch, and someone locked the door on him. Dad got stung.

Now, Marion County Republican Chair Tom John and my father have something in common. They both have beaten on the hornets' nest. In response to Chairman Ed Treacy's election to the Marion County Democratic Party Chairmanship, John decided to pull what we now will forever know as "a John McCain" and go negative. Rather than realize just how much tougher his job just got, John took a shot directly at Treacy saying that Democrats in Marion County had "exhumed" him from the "political graveyard." Keep beating on that hornets' nest.

You see, Mr. John, you may get away with it this time, but I bet Chairman Treacy will remember your first shot at him. Perhaps you intended to be funny, but this is serious business. Your shots at the new Democratic Chair will just make him work harder to topple Republicans and restore Democratic majorities in Marion County offices as well as provide critical Democratic votes to help statewide candidates. We also remember, Mr. John, what your party did in "exhuming" folks from past Republican administrations for appointed offices under Mr. Ballard.

Mr. John, you say that Democrats offer nothing new for Marion County. You say this out loud despite the fact that your mayor got elected pretty much with just the slogan "Had Enough?" That was it. For months, Mr. Ballard had no vision or nothing really to offer. He really even struggled to have your support, Mr. John.

And, finally Mr. John, you make it seem as if no one is excited about Ed Treacy coming back. Tell that to the standing room only crowd that elected him loudly and unanimously last night. Tell that to the crowd that clapped for every zinger aimed at your "accidental mayor." Tell that to the crowd that heard Treacy say that he will concede nothing to your party Mr. John. NOTHING...NOWHERE. Not even in Perry, Franklin or Decatur Townships. NO CONCESSIONS. He said we will fill our boards and recruit candidates. And, I believe him. Mainly, Mr. John, because he was doing this long before you were.

I get the feeling that you are in for a very tough few months, Mr. John. Hopefully, you can pick up a few pointers because the Marion County Democratic Party is reorganizing, fired up and ready to go. You've had your fun. You may have conducted an exhumation of your own party, but it soon will be back where it was prior to the 2007 Municipal Elections. It will be going nowhere fast. Ed Treacy has done it before, and he will do it again.

So, the hornets are out of the nest and heading for the screen door, Mr. John. I hope it's not locked!